I have been in beautiful France for the past week or so staying at the Treignac Projet, where I’ve been spending my days drawing, sketching, spending time in the gorgeous Limoges countryside and dipping in and out of various discussions and day trips as part of PATIO 12. There may also have been quite a healthy dose of little french beers, gin and tonics, eating LOTS,  meeting new and interesting creative people and generally enjoying the sun! Well you can’t work ALL the time. Here are a few snaps, which I love and will soon result in a new series of french-themed illustrations!

Panorama indeed! My calf muscles have had a shock after the flat flat flat of The Netherlands…


Ah, stone, ornate railings, balconies, blue shutters and over-flowing stone window boxes…makes a refreshing change from the grey grey grey that can be R'dam.


What does it mean?! Who knows, it's so pretty!


A huge posse of rather scruffy looking bunnies (there were at least twenty more in there)…sorry to say it, but I think they may be destined for some Pate du Lapin rather than fluffy bunny pets…


Lilly pads…just missing the frogs


Couldn't post anything without including the famous clutch of 10 ducklings which were born the other day and can't help but be the most CUTE things ever!

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