The Crafty Prawn’s Top 10 Quotes for Quilts…(the prelude)

So, amongst all the bunting and patchwork goodness, what really makes ‘The Crafty Prawn’ products totally one of a kind and stand out from the huge amount of gorgeous handmade items and shops out there; is the possibility to add unique hand-embroidery detailing which will set your quilt, blanket or cushion apart from any other and, of course, make it personal and special to you…
two halves patchwork quiltA bit about my chosen quotes for quilts…
The idea of hand-embroidering specially chosen text all began with ‘The Original Quilt’ as many of you will know already. It was one of Beatrix Potter’s little nursery rhymes, ‘We have a little garden a garden of our own. And everyday we water there the seeds that we have sown…’, which was the first quote that came to mind for me when trying  to think of a sweet but unusual bit of text for my sister’s first-baby quilt. Stories, rhymes and little poems were very important to me and my sisters growing up, as I’m sure will ring true with a lot of other; but especially because my mum is a devout wordsmith (she can devour a crossword in a matter of seconds), lover of poetry, prose and all things written that have the magical power to bring a story to life.
All the Colours of the Rainbow blanket

So, while I do have very fond memories of discovering the immersing quality of books – being slightly shocked and intrigued by Roald Dahl’s fantastically dark tendencies and indulging my animal obsessions with Dick King-Smith (yes, the original Babe WAS ‘The Sheep-Pig’); inevitably when I read that little phrase from Cecily Parsley Nursery Rhymes out loud, I can’t help hearing my mum saying it, which is really lovely.

So it’s about all that soppy stuff and the fact that a bit of whimsical, quirky, magical prose is good for the soul. And there’s SO many delightful, interesting and original snippets of words strung together out there, that can be both sweet and Megans' quiltthoughtful when wrapped around a baby, but can also be fun and a bit edgy when that baby grows up (I’m told it happens quite fast) and can read the text themselves and ponder what exactly ‘…all mimsy were the borogoves…’ actually means!

So after this rambling prelude – I’d like to share some of my favourite quotes and extracts that I think would make a fantastic addition to a patchwork quilt and turn it into more of a family heirloom than just another blanket.

Introducing…The Crafty Prawn’s Top 1o Quotes for Quilts


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