The Crafty Prawn

Introducing…The Crafty Prawn (fan-fair please?)

So the time has finally come to try and make some money from all the lovely things I keep making. Two quilts, numerous cushion-y business, enough hand embroidery to make your eyes water, and some bunting later; I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a little Etsy shop open to try and turn all this creativity into cash…well, you never know eh…?

As those who know me well will know, I am often known as Prawn to my family – some wierd mutation of Siobhan…Vorn…Vornie….Prawnie. Anyway, I am the original Crafty Prawn.

The Crafty Prawn is just polishing it’s whiskers and will be opening very soon… NOW OPEN!!! Just click HERE to be taken to a world of hand-crafted lovely-ness!

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