Prawns Picks #1…A little bit about Eja Ejovna…

NEW FOR 2014…Prawn’s Picks

So new year, new things! Introducing a new little monthly feature for The Crafty Prawn blog where I shall be sharing some pickings of some of my favourite handmade finds, hand-crafted whats-its, designy stuff and things-that-take-my-fancy! Enjoy.
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Prawns Picks #1…A little bit about Eja Ejovnaa lovely little Etsy shop run by Anna from Kharkiv in the Ukraine. Filled with a sweet collection of jewellery including handmade crocheted nursing necklaces, vintage-style trinketty goodies and some very cute patterned cabochon earrings!
I love Anna’s style of photography and great use of backgrounds with her product photos, which really compliments the delicate colours and textures…

So I will let the photos speak for themselves.
*Please note: particularly funky use of a fish book…1-01I think my favourites are the earrings – beautiful understated shots…il_570xN.449089645_p9z9il_570xN.464390350_5lnqil_570xN.512455812_5enh…you can find the Eja Ejonvna shop here
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