Insane Quilts in Bath (Stuff and Things…catch up!)

6 months…no blog post…Oops.
I blame this partly on my jet-setting lifestyle – ha! – and partly on acquiring a smart phone…Instagram = death to the blog it seems!
I will do another ‘where have I been’ post soon – just to wow you with all the fun stuff I’ve been doing (ha! again) – but I’m starting with a post about some INSANE quilts I saw at The American Museum in Bath. Yes, it was a little while ago (ahem, November) but these pictures want to be shared. And quite frankly after 6 months, I’ve forgotten how this shiz works, so I’m easing myself in gently! :)

Welcome back…

We went to see the Kaffe Fasset exhibition which was basically an extreme saturated colour bomb, in textile form – what’s not to like – but I was also won over by these insanely eye-squintingly intricate quilts hanging in the staircase – I think they’re part of the museums’ general quilt collection. Which is vast and interesting and beautiful and well worth a look. You should go!
2012-02-28 07.08.20_smlitsy bitsy teeny weeny patchwork insania…
…and Kaffe brilliance and more Kaffe crocheted craziness…
…and a cute little picture of Rachel to show the INSANE scale of that quilt.
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Dusky Pink, Teal + Muted Tone Quilt for a Bronwin Bub

So despite the lack of quilt related posts, I have actually been lucky enough to be asked to make quite a few ‘Crafty Prawn Custom-Made Quilts’ this year. I’ve neglected blogging about them which results in them just sitting on my computer, hiding away like shrinking violets. So here’s #1…

A dusky pink, teal and muted tonal quilt – in a random patch layout – made especially for a little Bronwin bub.
I love making things for lovely families I know – makes it all the more special!
005_smlOriginally inspired by a cushion featuring William Morris’ Strawberry Thief print in a muted colourway, I put together a stylish, sophisticated but playful palette of vintage, new and collected plains, tones and patterns. There’s even a little bit of William Morris fabric thrown in – well, what would you expect for a quilt destined for a beautiful house in Islington, London!
With personalised custom hand embroidery in the form of the new bub’s full name and birthdate AND a little message from her doting aunties and uncle, this quilt is a total one off!blog-01 In an all over random-patch layout, with a teal polka dot binding and border around the hand-embroidered panels; and a subtle oatmeal pinstripe linen on the reverse.
Thank you Bronwins for asking me to make your newest family member a little quilt.
And here she is snuggled up in it…
izzyIf you’re interested in ordering a one of a kind ‘Crafty Prawn’ custom-made quilt a bit like this one, take a look at my The Crafty Prawn ‘Patchwork Quilt’ Section in my shop here and look out for the ‘MADE TO ORDER’ sticker!

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Scrappy Catty Mini Quilt for Albert

So as I’m currently sans-Albert the cat (boo hoo, sniff) – although I’m sure he’s in marvellous pro-catty hands in Cardiff (as apposed to the doggies-might-chase-him-up-the-garden-never-to-be-seen-again environment here) – here is a rather indulgent catty post about a little quilt I made for my beloved feline friend from quilt wadding scraps and fabricy scraps and lots of quilted lines!
blog-01-01blog2-01003 (2)_sml—warning! no cats were coerced into posing under quilts for this blog post!—

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Bitsa this…Bitsa that…!

…Put them all together and what have you got? Bitsa bitsa bitsa bits and pieces!!!

Any other 90’s children remember Itsa Bitsa…? I thought it was called ‘Itsa Bitsa’ but google tells me I’ve imagined the ‘Itsa’ part and it was just ‘Bitsa’… Anyway why am I referring to a popular 1990’s kids tv show…? Maybe this indicates just how much TV I watched when I was little and how engrained it is on my adult brain. I was just thinking of all the custom orders I’ve been whipping up lately, doing bits of this (a custom owl tote bag), bits of that (a rainbow blanket hand-embroidered with the name ‘shannon’) put them all together and what have you got… (a very busy little prawn, that’s what!). So anyway as a brief sideline to the orginal reason for this post – let me reminisce on a theme tune which slightly resembles my life…

Bitsa this, bitsa that
Bits and pieces, bits and bobs,
Put them all together, what a lovely job!
With strings and things,
and loo rolls and glue
You can do whatever you want to do!
bitsa this, bitsa that, bitsa bitsa bitsa bits and pieces!

Ahh! and do you remember freaky ‘Hands’…
ANYWAY…Here are some ‘Crafty Prawn’ custom orders I’ve been busy with recently…
Do you remember this little owl bag
Tote Bag_01_Owl1_sml
well…he seems to have come back in fashion with a couple of sales recently including a custom order for a pink and purple version. Here it is complete with liberty print tana lawn fabric and up-cycled purple wool…
blog-01NEXT up, remember this little minky rainbow number
allthecoloursoftherainbowblanket_3Well, the lovely Christine from Austin, Texas was particularly fond of it so ordered one mini minky blanket and an extra large 35″ x 55″ one for her bub that’s on the way. I also did a bit of personalised hand-embroidery for her on the little blankie – the name of the bub’s grandmother – which I thought was a pretty sweet touch. Here it is in all it’s patchwork glory in the dutch evening sun before making its way to Texas…
blog-01 …and last but not least, my fella’s bro (brother in law sounds a bit, you know, grown-up) asked if I could make some monogrammed hankies for his lady-friend a bit like the ones I made for my Pa. I obliged and popped them in my shop. Turns out people quite like the idea of hand-embroidered hankies and the orders have come streaming in – just like a runny nose. So here are the first official Crafty Prawn Hankies – complete with Crafty Prawn postage stamp labels (sorry Pa, yours were the originals, no label for you!)
…lots more custom hanky blog posts to come I think…been a bit of a handkerchief machine the past week…
here are just some of the others I snapped before popping them in the post to Humberside, UK; Florida, US and San Diego, Californ-nii-yey!
…I feel this is particularly apt as me and the fella will be metaphorically wrapping our spotty hankies full of our possessions and trotting off on new adventures in Dick Wittington style. Almost time to say Bye Bye Netherlands and the-little-white-bit-of-wall-which-gets-the-most-light-where-I-take-all-my-pictures. More about that next time…
140413_Hanky Making_sml
If you’d like something custom madetotally unique just for you – I love to work on custom orders, so just get in touch and we can talk ‘custom’! You can…
…email me @
…etsy convo me @
…or facebook me @

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Geometric ‘Sunburnt Panda’ Patchwork Quilt

This quilt got a lot of attention when I posted some pictures on facebook – but as yet no sale – so thought it deserved it’s own special blog post, with some behind the scenes making shots!

Wonderfully bold geometric ‘Sunburnt Panda’ patchwork quilt.
Fully reversible with modern black & white off set chevron patchwork on one side, a funky graphic animal print on the other; and a striking stab of red for the binding, stitching and one arrow…read on to find out more!

On sale NOW in my Etsy shop here, this quilt features, among other animals, pandas and with the red accents, I’ve named it Sunburnt Panda! Sure to deliver a punch of geometric style and graphic pattern to a toddler’s bedroom or brighten up your living room with a bold combination of black & white offset chevrons and unique funky animal pattern.
inspiration & fabric…
…classic colour combination of black and white, with a punch of red to blow your panda socks off!
…the star of this quilt is the unique ‘White Safari’ fabric (by Timeless Treasures), which features a whole menagerie of black and white animals, to name but a few…pandas, zebras and magpies.
…pieced together from hundreds of 100% cotton black & white half square triangles arranged to form the off-set chevron pattern; with one striking red arrow positioned in the right-hand corner.
…made using ‘Hobbs heirloom’ quality 80% cotton 20% polyester batting – quilt is light but surprisingly very warm.
…edged with handmade double thickness red binding, giving a lovely cohesion to the red accents scattered through the quilt.
…comes with a special ‘The Crafty Prawn‘ fabric label attached on the reverse of the quilt…
the quilt…

…nice and big measuring approx. 45” x 60” (114cm x 152cm)
…perfect size for…
…a generous baby quilt…
…toddler/children’s bedding…
…a fabulous sofa throw or blanket for everyday use.
…a truly unisex item, perfect for both funky girls and boisterous boys!…
…quilt is fully reversible, with a fabulous graphic animal print on the reverse (or front – whichever way you want to look at it!)
the special bits…
…machine-quilted using a combination of accent red coloured thread and invisible black and white on the geometric side; and simple white on the animal side.
…quilting detail gives a lovely highlight to the geometric pattern, while the invisible quilting through the chevrons add to the textural quality of the quilt and demonstrates real attention to detail!
…quilt can be used from toddler-hood when you’re little one can pick out the pandas, through to adult-hood, when the modern geometric pattern will still be right on-trend!
etsy2-01_sml060_edit_sml…thank you!…
…want it? buy it here
…shipped within 1-3 days…

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