Raspberry+Navy – Forest+Mint Block Printed Hankies

Unbelievably I returned from India a whole year ago! You can see my little picture story in this blog post

This is a little introduction to a new mini-range of ‘The Crafty Prawn’ Hankies
— made using fabric sourced while travelling in Rajasthan —
— from an amazing Aladdin’s cave type shop in Jodhpur —
— trundled back to the UK folded neatly in my rucksack —
— ready to use to make hankies + pocket squares for the fine folk of Etsy and beyond —
160111_indian block printing-01 — A pair of beautifully hand-crafted double-sided handkerchiefs —
— Made using high-quality genuine Rajasthani hand-block-printed 100% cotton —
— Hankies can personalised with hand-embroidered initials, name or text —
etsy_2_blog size-01THE HANDKERCHIEFS:
— very special set of two co-ordinating, patterned, monogrammed handkerchiefs —
— Perfect as…
~ a sweet personal gift for your Pa on Fathers Day or your Ma on Mothers Day.
~ a snazzy birthday present for your Grandpa or Grandma.
~ a treat for anyone who has some spectacles that need a regular polishing!
~ a thoughtful pressie for a green-minded mate who prefers the eco-friendly way of blowing your nose (no wasting trees here!)
— carefully hand crafted using two squares of co-ordinating fabric, resulting in a double-sided absorbent hanky —
— top-stitched with a co-ordinating coloured thread around the edge for a neat finish —
— hankies are totally reversible with no raw edges or seams visible —
— why not monogram-up your hankie with 1, 2 or 3 hand-embroidered initials for just £1.25 per letter —
— stitched entirely by hand, each letter is embroidered using colour-fast stranded cotton in a delicate satin stitch —
***PLEASE NOTE: full name embroidery is also available – please contact me for a quote.***

— hankies measures – 33cm x 33cm or 13″ x 13″ —
— hand-embroidered initials are dinky, measuring approximately 1.5cm (W) x 1cm (H) [0.6″ (W) x 0.4″ (H)] —
— initials will be positioned in bottom left hand corner of the hankie, unless you specify otherwise —

— shown here in raspberry+navy and forest+mint colourways —
— you can choose any combination of indian block printed fabrics you like for your handkerchief set–
please choose-01Available to order via Etsy HERE

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Bitsa this…Bitsa that…!

…Put them all together and what have you got? Bitsa bitsa bitsa bits and pieces!!!

Any other 90’s children remember Itsa Bitsa…? I thought it was called ‘Itsa Bitsa’ but google tells me I’ve imagined the ‘Itsa’ part and it was just ‘Bitsa’… Anyway why am I referring to a popular 1990’s kids tv show…? Maybe this indicates just how much TV I watched when I was little and how engrained it is on my adult brain. I was just thinking of all the custom orders I’ve been whipping up lately, doing bits of this (a custom owl tote bag), bits of that (a rainbow blanket hand-embroidered with the name ‘shannon’) put them all together and what have you got… (a very busy little prawn, that’s what!). So anyway as a brief sideline to the orginal reason for this post – let me reminisce on a theme tune which slightly resembles my life…

Bitsa this, bitsa that
Bits and pieces, bits and bobs,
Put them all together, what a lovely job!
With strings and things,
and loo rolls and glue
You can do whatever you want to do!
bitsa this, bitsa that, bitsa bitsa bitsa bits and pieces!

Ahh! and do you remember freaky ‘Hands’…
ANYWAY…Here are some ‘Crafty Prawn’ custom orders I’ve been busy with recently…
Do you remember this little owl bag
Tote Bag_01_Owl1_sml
well…he seems to have come back in fashion with a couple of sales recently including a custom order for a pink and purple version. Here it is complete with liberty print tana lawn fabric and up-cycled purple wool…
blog-01NEXT up, remember this little minky rainbow number
allthecoloursoftherainbowblanket_3Well, the lovely Christine from Austin, Texas was particularly fond of it so ordered one mini minky blanket and an extra large 35″ x 55″ one for her bub that’s on the way. I also did a bit of personalised hand-embroidery for her on the little blankie – the name of the bub’s grandmother – which I thought was a pretty sweet touch. Here it is in all it’s patchwork glory in the dutch evening sun before making its way to Texas…
blog-01 …and last but not least, my fella’s bro (brother in law sounds a bit, you know, grown-up) asked if I could make some monogrammed hankies for his lady-friend a bit like the ones I made for my Pa. I obliged and popped them in my shop. Turns out people quite like the idea of hand-embroidered hankies and the orders have come streaming in – just like a runny nose. So here are the first official Crafty Prawn Hankies – complete with Crafty Prawn postage stamp labels (sorry Pa, yours were the originals, no label for you!)
…lots more custom hanky blog posts to come I think…been a bit of a handkerchief machine the past week…
here are just some of the others I snapped before popping them in the post to Humberside, UK; Florida, US and San Diego, Californ-nii-yey!
…I feel this is particularly apt as me and the fella will be metaphorically wrapping our spotty hankies full of our possessions and trotting off on new adventures in Dick Wittington style. Almost time to say Bye Bye Netherlands and the-little-white-bit-of-wall-which-gets-the-most-light-where-I-take-all-my-pictures. More about that next time…
140413_Hanky Making_sml
If you’d like something custom madetotally unique just for you – I love to work on custom orders, so just get in touch and we can talk ‘custom’! You can…
…email me @ hello@siobhanmilne.com
…etsy convo me @ thecraftyprawn.etsy.com
…or facebook me @ facebook.com/TheCraftyPrawn

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You won’t lose these pocket-handkins!

“Sally Henny-penny, have you found three pocket-handkins?”

If you’re well acquainted  with the Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle you’ll get my drift, otherwise you’ll think I’m mad…
These are some handkerchiefs I made for my Pa, Sean Milne – you can see his beautiful artwork here – for his birthday a few weeks ago.

Two sets of double-sided monogrammed hankies…
…with hand-embroidered initials and co-ordinating top stitched edges.

blog-01blog2-01I’m open to receiving custom orders for these – do you have a special wedding or event coming up…? Or know someone who ACTUALLY uses handkerchiefs on a daily basis – maybe they’d like some special ones?
Contact me via my shop, The Crafty Prawn

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