Bitsa this…Bitsa that…!

…Put them all together and what have you got? Bitsa bitsa bitsa bits and pieces!!!

Any other 90’s children remember Itsa Bitsa…? I thought it was called ‘Itsa Bitsa’ but google tells me I’ve imagined the ‘Itsa’ part and it was just ‘Bitsa’… Anyway why am I referring to a popular 1990’s kids tv show…? Maybe this indicates just how much TV I watched when I was little and how engrained it is on my adult brain. I was just thinking of all the custom orders I’ve been whipping up lately, doing bits of this (a custom owl tote bag), bits of that (a rainbow blanket hand-embroidered with the name ‘shannon’) put them all together and what have you got… (a very busy little prawn, that’s what!). So anyway as a brief sideline to the orginal reason for this post – let me reminisce on a theme tune which slightly resembles my life…

Bitsa this, bitsa that
Bits and pieces, bits and bobs,
Put them all together, what a lovely job!
With strings and things,
and loo rolls and glue
You can do whatever you want to do!
bitsa this, bitsa that, bitsa bitsa bitsa bits and pieces!

Ahh! and do you remember freaky ‘Hands’…
ANYWAY…Here are some ‘Crafty Prawn’ custom orders I’ve been busy with recently…
Do you remember this little owl bag
Tote Bag_01_Owl1_sml
well…he seems to have come back in fashion with a couple of sales recently including a custom order for a pink and purple version. Here it is complete with liberty print tana lawn fabric and up-cycled purple wool…
blog-01NEXT up, remember this little minky rainbow number
allthecoloursoftherainbowblanket_3Well, the lovely Christine from Austin, Texas was particularly fond of it so ordered one mini minky blanket and an extra large 35″ x 55″ one for her bub that’s on the way. I also did a bit of personalised hand-embroidery for her on the little blankie – the name of the bub’s grandmother – which I thought was a pretty sweet touch. Here it is in all it’s patchwork glory in the dutch evening sun before making its way to Texas…
blog-01 …and last but not least, my fella’s bro (brother in law sounds a bit, you know, grown-up) asked if I could make some monogrammed hankies for his lady-friend a bit like the ones I made for my Pa. I obliged and popped them in my shop. Turns out people quite like the idea of hand-embroidered hankies and the orders have come streaming in – just like a runny nose. So here are the first official Crafty Prawn Hankies – complete with Crafty Prawn postage stamp labels (sorry Pa, yours were the originals, no label for you!)
…lots more custom hanky blog posts to come I think…been a bit of a handkerchief machine the past week…
here are just some of the others I snapped before popping them in the post to Humberside, UK; Florida, US and San Diego, Californ-nii-yey!
…I feel this is particularly apt as me and the fella will be metaphorically wrapping our spotty hankies full of our possessions and trotting off on new adventures in Dick Wittington style. Almost time to say Bye Bye Netherlands and the-little-white-bit-of-wall-which-gets-the-most-light-where-I-take-all-my-pictures. More about that next time…
140413_Hanky Making_sml
If you’d like something custom madetotally unique just for you – I love to work on custom orders, so just get in touch and we can talk ‘custom’! You can…
…email me @
…etsy convo me @
…or facebook me @

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Prawns Picks #4…Cheese Before Bedtime

prawns picks4-01…Stitchy Kitschy Hand-Drawn Goodness…
Prawns Picks #4…brings you Cheese Before Bedtime
So after my Prawns Pick from New Zealand last month, I’ve turned up another stunning Kiwi find. ‘Cheese Before Bedtime’ is a funky little shop selling unique embroidered and applique pieces – or stitchy drawings as I like to call them.
You’ll find a lovely range of hoop art and mini canvases all with unusual embroidered characters such as ‘Bunny Girl’, ‘Pinata Girl’ and ‘Foxy Lady’, not to mention the crowd of stitched ‘Hipsters’ with their too-cool-for-school head wraps and retro bicycles; and the coy ‘Floral Crown Girls’ who hide behind their locks and flower crowns.
Apart from the fact that I can’t draw a human to save my life – and have no desire to really – no whiskers!! I also really admire Amy Dawson’s stitchy pieces for their unique approach to depicting modern day fashion and styling using a distinctly old day technique. And it works oh so well – just look at those textured embroidered roses. Measuring a very dinky 4″ x 4″, I dread to think how many tiny stitches ‘Audrey’ and her pink rose floral crown took to make! The combination of stitch with applique works really well and something I’ve used quite a bit for some ‘Crafty Prawn’ pieces – you can see my pug on a bike here or some wedding mice here.

flower and feather girls…
and a foxy lady…
…you can find the Cheese Before Bedtime shop here
…and keep up to date with everything Cheese Before Bedtime on facebook here

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Bunting Backlog #2 !!

It’s happened again! A little backlog of bunting snaps has stacked up, so here’s a peak into my latest bunting adventures and custom name bunting orders…

a groovy rainbow colour spectrum for baby Artemis in Greece.
A beautifully colourful range of red, orange, yellow, green and blue patterned and plain fabrics. Modern florals, stops and polka dots – a perfect not-too-girly choice for a little baby named after the God of war! :)
Want to see pictures in more detail? click…a pretty and girly palette of dusky pink, teal and bright blue for little Róisín in London, UK
The first Crafty Prawn name bunting to feature accents – well you want it be perfect after all eh? I love this selection of ditsy floral rose prints, striped linen and small polka dots. The subtle shades make for a girly but not too sickly-sweet-baby-focused colour scheme.
Want to see pictures in more detail? click here.
blog-01…and finally, it’s another special nephew bunting for my nephew Jago’s 1st birthday, back in Brecon, Wales!!!
Made in a soft tonal range of blues, greys and greens which will also co-ordinate with Jago’s quilt, this name bunting is extra long – for a special nephew after all – and features two spotty yellow stars on either end of the name.
Want to see pictures in more detail? click you like your own personalised name bunting for a little munchkin you know?
Take a look at my bunting section here for some examples of colour combinations and styles.
Or get in touch to create your own one of a kind colour combination to match your bubba’s nursery or bedroom colours! Great for parties, an original new baby present or a birthday gift for a toddler!

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One-of-a-kind Personalised Winter-Wedding Throw…with mice!

057_smlThis is a personalised throw/blanket I made for some family friends as their wedding gift. Said wedding was actually back in December, so I’ve been sitting on these mice pictures for a fair few months, waiting for the right time to blog about them. And saying that, I’ve actually been sitting on THESE mice pics (see below) for well over a year…this is the engagement ring box I embellished for the big proposal for said wedding. Phew!

…white hand-drawn mice surrounded by stylised silver and gold decorative flowers, leaves and foliage...
for blog-01for blog2-01The mice got a little more (ahem) ‘refined’ since the box. Although it must have done the job – she obviously said yes.
So anyway, back to the blanket. Before 2013, I was a complete wedding-goer virgin having never been to even one. 2013 sorted that right out and now with three under my belt and already two lined up for 2014, I’m truly into the swing of weddings. Well, what’s not to like, a party with lots of nice food, drinks and dancing…my favourite things. Oh yeah, and of course all the nice-meaningful-love-friends stuff (pah!). So that’s all good but the wedding present stuff baffles me a bit. As you may have noticed from my previous blogs, projects and products…I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to give a gift to mark a life event – baby, wedding, whatnot – it may aswell be a bloody good one. This is also slightly selfish as I enjoy making things and don’t much enjoy giving my money to random big shops for meaning-less stuff when I could do something better (so there!) ((p.s. please don’t hold me to this when I buy you a meaning-less bit of stuff from a random big shop)) (((p.p.s. oh and don’t think you can’t buy my some meaning-less stuff from random big shops…))) Ahh, I’ve dug a hole!
Anyway, I thought wedding gifts are ‘sposed to be sort of housey and something you can have and use forever so a big bed throw or blanket ticks those boxes…and it’s fabric, which is my friend…so I will stop waffling and show you some pictures…054_edit_smlAfter sourcing some very cool classic woolen fabric in a kind of fawn and burnt sienna two tone weave (yeah, ok, I mean brown…), I whipped it into a lovely blanket with think marooon edging and went forth to personalise the hell out of it…with mice! As I had already established that the bride and groom to be,  were rather fond of mice (it was a specific request to include them on the ring box), I thought what better way to adorn the throw. Check out my appliqued, hand-embroidered mice…

…two hand-embroidered mice on 100% oatmeal linen, with detailed whiskers, furry bits and little black noses…
…hand-embroidered bride and grooms initials in co-ordinating maroon colour to match blanket binding, positioned as a monogram between the mice…
…and topped off with a ‘Crafty Prawn’ label.
Ironically while I thought this lovely woolen throw would be a perfect gift for a winter wedding, the newly weds actually went to India for their honeymoon. So I wonder if they’ve got much use out of it yet! :)

One-of-a-kind personalised Winter-Wedding throw available soon…
…from The Crafty Prawn.

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Bon Voyage ‘Mustard & Elephant’ Matching Trio!

…patchwork quilt…cushion cover…name bunting…
100_sml…Remember my ‘Mustard & Elephant’ patchwork quilt that came together in all it’s yellow, grey and turquoise glory last year  (-you can read more about it here-), well I’m happy to say that together with it’s matching ‘Mustard & Elephant’ cushion companion (-you can see all about that here-), were right up Molly-from-Kansas’ street. So much so that she requested a length of ‘Crafty Prawn’ personalised name bunting for baby Soren to go with them…
So after being prettily packaged with love and co-ordinating coloured tissue paper, this trio trundled off to Kansas!
blog1-01Here are some pictures of the quilt…
…beautifully bold yellow, grey, navy and turquoise rectangular patchwork of polka dots, gingham and stripes.
…graphic machine-quilted with mustard yellow baby sized rectangles within each rectangle of the patchwork.
…made using a variety of new, collected, found and up-cycled fabrics in rich plains and graphic unusual patterns.
123_edit_smlthe cushion…
…made with soft navy linen, yellow gingham and patches of my hand screen-printed ‘Horses & Houses’ fabric.
…featuring two hand cut horses appliqued with blue decorative stitching which stride across the turquoise patch.
…a stripey navy, yellow & grey polka-dot envelope back with funky button fastening for a touch of whimsy.
illustrator template for etsy listingsand the matching bunting…
…made using triangles of my original folk-inspired screen-printed ‘Horses & Houses’ fabric – printed on ticking fabric in a slate grey.
…hand-cut navy letters appliqued on a variety of turquoise gingham, yellow polka dot and grey ditsy dot.
…flags are totally reversible so the bunting can be hung in the centre of a room – perfect parties/playrooms.
If you see something in my shop and would like another item made to accompany it, or see something that you’d like in a different colour, just ASK me The Crafty Prawn here by clicking on the ‘Request Custom Order’ button!

Thank You!

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