Prawns Picks #4…Cheese Before Bedtime

prawns picks4-01…Stitchy Kitschy Hand-Drawn Goodness…
Prawns Picks #4…brings you Cheese Before Bedtime
So after my Prawns Pick from New Zealand last month, I’ve turned up another stunning Kiwi find. ‘Cheese Before Bedtime’ is a funky little shop selling unique embroidered and applique pieces – or stitchy drawings as I like to call them.
You’ll find a lovely range of hoop art and mini canvases all with unusual embroidered characters such as ‘Bunny Girl’, ‘Pinata Girl’ and ‘Foxy Lady’, not to mention the crowd of stitched ‘Hipsters’ with their too-cool-for-school head wraps and retro bicycles; and the coy ‘Floral Crown Girls’ who hide behind their locks and flower crowns.
Apart from the fact that I can’t draw a human to save my life – and have no desire to really – no whiskers!! I also really admire Amy Dawson’s stitchy pieces for their unique approach to depicting modern day fashion and styling using a distinctly old day technique. And it works oh so well – just look at those textured embroidered roses. Measuring a very dinky 4″ x 4″, I dread to think how many tiny stitches ‘Audrey’ and her pink rose floral crown took to make! The combination of stitch with applique works really well and something I’ve used quite a bit for some ‘Crafty Prawn’ pieces – you can see my pug on a bike here or some wedding mice here.

flower and feather girls…
and a foxy lady…
…you can find the Cheese Before Bedtime shop here
…and keep up to date with everything Cheese Before Bedtime on facebook here

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