Chickens are Counted in Autumn…
Chickens are Counted in Autumn…
Chickens are Counted in Autumn…
Chickens are Counted in Autumn…

Hand screen-printed, embroidered and appliquéd fabric panel
from ‘The Sun will Shine…’ Fabric Panel Range

‘The Sun Will Shine…’
is a collection of interior decorations, including ranges of bespoke framed art pieces, hanging garlands and fabric panels. The idea behind the collection was to produce products which have a portable quality and can instantly transform a wall, ceiling or corner of the home by creating a new aesthetic focal point. ‘The Sun Will Shine…’ collection was inspired by Eastern European folk art styles and a love of hanging or suspended items combined with an appreciation for craft and the handmade.

The fabric panel range from the ‘The Sun Will Shine…’ collection features four hand-drawn designs which have been translated onto fabric by hand screen-print, quirky appliqué and detailed hand embroidery. The fabric panels are deliberately long in length to enhance the sense of suspension and hanging and would be particularly suitable for blinds, curtains etc. Many different screen-printing techniques have been used, including coloured pigments, flocks and foils combined with appliqué and hand embroidery upon various grounds; all working to create a sense of richness in colour and pattern. The four hand drawn collections are entitled with Russian folk proverbs such as ‘Chickens are Counted in Autumn…’, ‘All Cats are Grey at Night…’ and ‘Without a Cat, Mice Feel Free…’. The titles give a sense of context and jauntiness to the overall collection, while also appealing to the target market and customer.

The ‘Chickens are Counted in Autumn…’ design was chosen to be developed into a repeat design which was hand-screen printed on 100% Irish Linen and finished with hand embroidery detailing, this was then made into a blind. This can be seen here.

Chickens are Counted in Autumn…

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