One-of-a-kind Personalised Winter-Wedding Throw…with mice!

057_smlThis is a personalised throw/blanket I made for some family friends as their wedding gift. Said wedding was actually back in December, so I’ve been sitting on these mice pictures for a fair few months, waiting for the right time to blog about them. And saying that, I’ve actually been sitting on THESE mice pics (see below) for well over a year…this is the engagement ring box I embellished for the big proposal for said wedding. Phew!

…white hand-drawn mice surrounded by stylised silver and gold decorative flowers, leaves and foliage...
for blog-01for blog2-01The mice got a little more (ahem) ‘refined’ since the box. Although it must have done the job – she obviously said yes.
So anyway, back to the blanket. Before 2013, I was a complete wedding-goer virgin having never been to even one. 2013 sorted that right out and now with three under my belt and already two lined up for 2014, I’m truly into the swing of weddings. Well, what’s not to like, a party with lots of nice food, drinks and dancing…my favourite things. Oh yeah, and of course all the nice-meaningful-love-friends stuff (pah!). So that’s all good but the wedding present stuff baffles me a bit. As you may have noticed from my previous blogs, projects and products…I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to give a gift to mark a life event – baby, wedding, whatnot – it may aswell be a bloody good one. This is also slightly selfish as I enjoy making things and don’t much enjoy giving my money to random big shops for meaning-less stuff when I could do something better (so there!) ((p.s. please don’t hold me to this when I buy you a meaning-less bit of stuff from a random big shop)) (((p.p.s. oh and don’t think you can’t buy my some meaning-less stuff from random big shops…))) Ahh, I’ve dug a hole!
Anyway, I thought wedding gifts are ‘sposed to be sort of housey and something you can have and use forever so a big bed throw or blanket ticks those boxes…and it’s fabric, which is my friend…so I will stop waffling and show you some pictures…054_edit_smlAfter sourcing some very cool classic woolen fabric in a kind of fawn and burnt sienna two tone weave (yeah, ok, I mean brown…), I whipped it into a lovely blanket with think marooon edging and went forth to personalise the hell out of it…with mice! As I had already established that the bride and groom to be,  were rather fond of mice (it was a specific request to include them on the ring box), I thought what better way to adorn the throw. Check out my appliqued, hand-embroidered mice…

…two hand-embroidered mice on 100% oatmeal linen, with detailed whiskers, furry bits and little black noses…
…hand-embroidered bride and grooms initials in co-ordinating maroon colour to match blanket binding, positioned as a monogram between the mice…
…and topped off with a ‘Crafty Prawn’ label.
Ironically while I thought this lovely woolen throw would be a perfect gift for a winter wedding, the newly weds actually went to India for their honeymoon. So I wonder if they’ve got much use out of it yet! :)

One-of-a-kind personalised Winter-Wedding throw available soon…
…from The Crafty Prawn.

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