Marley’s Dino Hoodie…with spots and fangs and everything

So, never mind that my little nephew Marley, thought that while his specially-made Dino Hoodie looked great and funny perched on the heads of his aunties, Grandpa and Nana; was too terrified and ‘No! No! No!’ to sport it himself… here is a little bit about a Dino Hoodie I just made for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. Roarrrrrr!


Marley was the grand old age of TWO a few weeks ago and as he has a fantastic imagination, a love of all things boyish and the energy of a Duracell bunny; I thought what better present for him, than a funky customised dinosaur outfit to dress up in.

dino hoodie_for blog-01

I used a good quality, plain navy, childs hooded zip-up jumper from H&M, with a nice fleecey lining.The dino spikes are made from tangerine orange and moss green coloured felt, which has been double folded, interfaced and stuffed with a little bit of wadding to hopefully keep them perky through wearing and washing. Although not anatomically correct, they spike all the way up the back and over the hood, so when the hood is up, the dino look is complete!

But proper funky dinosaurs have spots too don’t they?

So, I also added – lets say ‘lots of’, I didn’t count – corduroy emerald green spots! They have been appliqued onto the hoodie using a variegated yellow/green thread and a tight zig-zag stitch, which adds some lovely extra detail to the whole outfit. A few soft stuffed little white fangs and two big bulging eyes and voila, a dinosaur! Really, you’re not convinced!?

dino hoodie_for blog2-01

I do believe that one day this funky little Dino will come into its own and Marley won’t want to take it off, ‘Roarring’ all the way; but until then – I only have these photos of a rather empty and flat Dino Hoodie, with no little toddler toddling about inside, so you’ll just have to use your imagination! In my defence, I think that said little nephew was a bit put off dressing up as a dinosaur after seeing a big man dressed up in a real dinosaur mask, so don’t be put off! :)


 ***Please let me know via a comment if you’d be interested in seeing this Spikes and Spots Dino Hoodie become available in my Etsy Shop:


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