Made-to-order Rainbow Patchwork, Hand-Embroidered Quilt…For Baby Nora

A mainly-pictures post featuring my most recent made-to-order ‘Crafty Prawn’ quilt…
blog2-01…made a few months ago – still in the 2013th year, this quilt is a variation on my Rainbow Patchwork Quilt, originally created for my little nephew Finn who was born almost exactly a year before the recipient of this rainbow beauty.

a glimpse of the making…
blog-01…many a cup of tea, scruffy square tallies, and numerous safety pins are just some of my vital tools! Hand-embroidering the special name and birth-date squares is one of my favourite parts of the whole process. Basting with hundreds of safety pins…on the floor (clean+well swept of course)…occasionally pricking myself and kneeling on said safety pins…is not. But it’s all part of the fun of course.

a glimpse of the details…
blog3-01…I’ve used a striped two-tone binding for this one, which actually really adds to the overall appearance of the quilt and ties in all the various colours and patterns. I was doubtful that it would have this effect and was suspicious that it would confuse your eye making the full-on patchwork seem a little chaotic. BUT I’m glad I stuck with my instincts and went with stripey! Simple cross-hatched quilting also adds a beautiful texture.

a glimpse of the hand-embroidery…
blog5-01…’Crafty Prawn Custom-Made’ means hand-embroidery. In this case, a line of Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet’s wise words in maroon, with rainbow touches to highlight special words. Each letter personally hand-embroidered by my little spindly fingers (they are really quite spindly) on soft 100% white linen.
***Not just any old custom-made…it’s ‘Crafty Prawn Custom-Made’!***

and a glimpse of little Nora modelling her quilt (beautifully I may add!)…
‘The Crafty Prawn’ custom-made patchwork and hand-embroidered quilts are available to buy on my Etsy shop THE CRAFTY PRAWN. Choose your own special phrase, extract from a book or poem, or even song lyrics;  OR take inspiration from my Top 10 Quotes for Quilts.

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