Fruity, Folky & Botanicals

So, about a month ago I posted some drawings from my sketchbook where I mentioned I was working on some designs with textile designer Onno Raadersma for Evteks, a huge textiles and home exhibition/trade fair in Istanbul, Turkey, which begins tomorrow actually. After lots of hard work, screen printing and hours on Illustrator…the designs are winging their way to Turkey and the result is a nice collection of textile and pattern designs called ‘Fruity, Folky & Botanicals’. Fingers crossed I’ll sell some!

All the lovely new designs are up on my website portfolio, so please take a look, but here are a few of my favourites.



'Strawberries' alternative colourways

'Strawberries' large repeat


'Dandy Doilies'

'Dandy Doilies' alternative colourways

'Dandy Doilies' large repeat


'Yellowcress Flower'

'Yellowcress Flower' alternative colourways

'Yellowcress Flower' large repeat

The ‘Fruity, Folky & Botanicals’ collection is a range of textile and pattern designs in full repeat, ideal for the interiors market. Consisting of over fifteen highly original and commercial designs measuring 64cm x 64cm; the collection has a strong fruity, folky and botanical flavour with a refreshing take on strawberry, apple and floral motifs. Each design originated with a hand-drawn motif, distinctive in style and featuring my own original handwriting, the motif was then coloured and formed into a repeat digitally. Either drawn from life, such as from real dandelions, apples and anemones, or with inspiration from old botanical illustrations; the hand-drawn quality is still apparent in the final designs and gives the collection a charming homely quality.

Each of the designs have been produced fully in repeat featuring a range of repeat techniques including square, half drop, border and striped repeats. Designed with table linen in mind, designs with large scale motifs such as Raspberry & Leaf’, Cuckoo Flower,Anemones and ‘Dandy Doilies’ would be perfect for table cloths or place mats; while designs such as ‘Vetch Leaf’, ‘Robinia Leaf’ and ‘Twig Stripe’ would be translated successfully into table runners. Or looking more towards the interior market as a whole, designs such as ‘Starburst’, ‘Yellowcress Flower’ or ‘Raspberry Ripple’would make fantastic wallpaper or curtain products.


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