Vibrant Vlisco!

When I first moved to The Netherlands and was busy researching Dutch textile design companies, I came across Vlisco.
They’re a really interesting company, based just east of Eindhoven, which produces reems of beautiful wax block print fabrics. The history of the company goes back to the mid-nineteenth century when the Dutch company began exporting hand printed batik wax designs. Influenced by their extensive colonial travels, the Dutch picked up the distinctive wax crackle effect they saw in Indonesia.

Ooo look at all those patterns!

These days, they are the biggest producer of authentic ‘Wax Hollandais’ printed fabrics – although you see plenty of copies and cheaper versions. Their main market is Africa and African communities all around the world, inlcuding London. I remember seeing very similar gorgeous fabrics for sale in Peckham markets, when I was living in New Cross. Should have snapped them up then! Here are some pretty examples…

Striking samples from the new 'Silent Empire' collection

More gorgeous blue tones…

The Vlisco brand seems to have expanded into the high fashion realm, with couture outfits on the catwalk etc. But suprising to hear all the fabrics are still designed and manufactured at the factory and studio in The Netherlands. I must say, their brand and image is really strong with some very nice fashion photography images that really show off the fabrics!

Lovely bold jungly style prints

Love these earthy tones and simple batik style motifs



Bold and effective repeat

Great example of the way Vlisco wearers keep the selvedge on show, to demonstrate the quailty – like leaving your Nike label sticking out!

After seeing this intriguing image (see below) on train stations all around Rotterdam lately, I realised it was actually a poster for an exhibition being held at the Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem and is dedicated to Vlisco! Called ‘Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design’ the exhibition focuses on the work, history and impact of the company and their gorgeous bold designs. Really looking forward to making a trip to Arnhem to go and see this…

'Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design' Exhibition


Oh My, What a lots of French Knots…

My friend, and fellow creative textile person, Rachel Perkins has an exhibition of her work on at the moment at ‘Vintage Fair’ in Yeovil, Somerset, so go and check it out if you’re in the area. I’m a bit too far away unfortunately.

Some of Rachels beautiful work…

And more interesting hoops…

This got me thinking about embroidery and as I have a brand new account with Etsy, I thought I’d take a break from drawing and share some finds…I just discovered sometimesisswirl, which has some nice embroidery pieces.

Some pretty embroidery from sometimesisswirl shop

Look at all those stitches!

Oh my, what a lot of french knots

I also love the jewellry from skrynka, a shop from the Ukraine specialising in embroidery and cross stitch.

Distinctive Ukrainian folky style

I love this idea, beautiful colour too

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