Loving Lesley Barnes

I really love Lesley Barnes’ funky illustrations… The bright colours and graphic geometric shapes combined with the folky subject matter results in really quirky style. I also love the expression on the knights face – is it just me or does it remind you of Little My from the Moomins…?


'Smiling Knight' design

Or maybe more like Snufkin (the most human looking one in the green jacket and yellow neckerchief – for those who aren’t clued up on Moomin knowledge!)

The Moomins – gotta love 'um!

Anyway – back to Lesley Barnes, here’s some more examples of her gorgeous work…

'Happy Lion/Sad Lion' greetings card design

'The Chase' a print from a series depicting the Russian folktale 'The Firebird'

'Kings of the Forest' wrapping paper

'Kings of the Forest' detail