Prawns Picks #4…Cheese Before Bedtime

prawns picks4-01…Stitchy Kitschy Hand-Drawn Goodness…
Prawns Picks #4…brings you Cheese Before Bedtime
So after my Prawns Pick from New Zealand last month, I’ve turned up another stunning Kiwi find. ‘Cheese Before Bedtime’ is a funky little shop selling unique embroidered and applique pieces – or stitchy drawings as I like to call them.
You’ll find a lovely range of hoop art and mini canvases all with unusual embroidered characters such as ‘Bunny Girl’, ‘Pinata Girl’ and ‘Foxy Lady’, not to mention the crowd of stitched ‘Hipsters’ with their too-cool-for-school head wraps and retro bicycles; and the coy ‘Floral Crown Girls’ who hide behind their locks and flower crowns.
Apart from the fact that I can’t draw a human to save my life – and have no desire to really – no whiskers!! I also really admire Amy Dawson’s stitchy pieces for their unique approach to depicting modern day fashion and styling using a distinctly old day technique. And it works oh so well – just look at those textured embroidered roses. Measuring a very dinky 4″ x 4″, I dread to think how many tiny stitches ‘Audrey’ and her pink rose floral crown took to make! The combination of stitch with applique works really well and something I’ve used quite a bit for some ‘Crafty Prawn’ pieces – you can see my pug on a bike here or some wedding mice here.

flower and feather girls…
and a foxy lady…
…you can find the Cheese Before Bedtime shop here
…and keep up to date with everything Cheese Before Bedtime on facebook here

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Prawns Picks #3…Ellen Giggenbach…

prawns picks3-01My Prawn’s Pick this month is my absolute favourite find…I think maybe I’m a little slow on the up take, as after finding Ellen’s gorgeous shop on Etsy I cyber-snuffled about a bit – in the manner of a truffle-pig snuffling in the woods – and turned up tonnes of amazing bright, folky, paper cut products. Oooo the joy! This is the beauty of Etsy I think, you stumble upon people who’ve been slogging away making beautiful things for years on the other side of the world. The only thing is it’s seems to be mostly luck and flook that brings them to the surface…I only hope The Crafty Prawn gets snuffled out by some cyber-truffle-pigs sometimes. Anyway, enough random metaphors, here is just a fraction of the gorgeous ‘modern, folk, cut paper art prints, crafts and pillows’ that you can find in Ellen’s shop…

Prawns Picks #3…brings you Ellen Giggenbach
So if the the medley of  gorgeous mid-century photograph props aren’t enough to make you go weak at the knees; the fact that all Ellen’s products start life as a hand paper cuts/paper assemblages, using paper that she’s coloured herself – will surely do the trick. I love the pops of colour, the slightly 50’s illustrative style and the folky subject matter. Of course, anything illustrated alphabet really floats my boat (see more of that here and here) let alone an animal alphabet, so I love the L for Lion. Apart from art prints and wall decalls, you will also find very cool do-it-yourself paper sculpture kits to create 3D animals of all sorts including an owl, a pussycat and their boat; AND fabric craft kits to sew your own little lady doll.
140315_Ellen Giggenbach_blog-01wall decals // art prints of paper cuts
140315_Ellen Giggenbach_blog2-01d-i-y printable paper craft // paper sculpture kits140315_Ellen Giggenbach_blog3-01fabric sewing craft // printed fabric cushions

LOVE LOVE LOVE, nothing more to say, I want to buy it all.

you can find the ‘Ellen Giggenbach’ shop here
…follow Ellen on facebook here
…and see her website here

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Prawns Pick #2…frighten…

prawns picks#2-01So now Valentines Day has jogged on for another year, I thought I would bring you something a bit different as an antidote to all the heartsy red smoosh that we’ve been drowning in for the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty darn smooshy left to my own devices, but I’m not too fond of the total commercial takeover that extends it’s fluffy-hearted-red-rose-tendrils around us for two weeks in Feb. So any-hoo, here’s something wonderfully dark and odd…

Prawns Picks #2…brings you ‘frighten’
a treat of an Etsy shop full of surreal mixed media, paper collage and prints.
140215_frightenRun by Mari in Brooklyn, New York, I stumbled upon ‘frighten’ a few months ago while browsing the bazaar endless land of Etsy and the strange animal collages made me laugh. Using antique Victorian photographs, the images are manipulated and transformed into new quirky little vignettes or scenes, which are available to buy as prints. They make you feel a bit uneasy at first, the sight of two meerkat-headed-Victorian-children staring out at you with their audacious expressions. But the clever and subtle use of animals and their expressions make it just the right balance of funny and wierd! I’ll leave you with a nice little quote from Mari of ‘frighten’…

“…working with photos this old often feels like I’m working with ghosts, and I sometimes think about what the people in the photos would think about what I’m doing to them. Hopefully they would see the fun in it, and not think it’s too weird…”
140215_frighten3140215_frighten8140215_frighten5this is how I feel most days…my brain a web of tangled tree roots…not to mention my combo of pensive face and Victorian puffed shoulders…

you can find the ‘frighten’ shop here
…follow ‘frighten’ and Mari on facebook here
…and take a look at Mari’s other photography shop here

Prawns Picks #1…A little bit about Eja Ejovna…

NEW FOR 2014…Prawn’s Picks

So new year, new things! Introducing a new little monthly feature for The Crafty Prawn blog where I shall be sharing some pickings of some of my favourite handmade finds, hand-crafted whats-its, designy stuff and things-that-take-my-fancy! Enjoy.
prawns picks#1-01
Prawns Picks #1…A little bit about Eja Ejovnaa lovely little Etsy shop run by Anna from Kharkiv in the Ukraine. Filled with a sweet collection of jewellery including handmade crocheted nursing necklaces, vintage-style trinketty goodies and some very cute patterned cabochon earrings!
I love Anna’s style of photography and great use of backgrounds with her product photos, which really compliments the delicate colours and textures…

So I will let the photos speak for themselves.
*Please note: particularly funky use of a fish book…1-01I think my favourites are the earrings – beautiful understated shots…il_570xN.449089645_p9z9il_570xN.464390350_5lnqil_570xN.512455812_5enh…you can find the Eja Ejonvna shop here
…follow Anna’s blog here and here
…and keep up to date with everything Eja Ejovna on facebook here

Up up and away…

Top Five Fabulous Hot Air-Ballooning Illustrations, Drawings and Ponderings

Mostly multi-coloured, weight-less, noise-less (well, compared with a plane) floaty bubbles attached to a wicker basket…what’s not to like. One day I shall take a ride in one, but in the mean time, here is my top five fabulous hot air-ballooning illustrations…

Lovely hand-drawn pencil city scape by David Fleck, see more here

'Voyages Over Edinburgh' by David Fleck

Circus elephant being rescued in a most delicate fashion by Kareena Zerefos, see more here

'Elephant' by Kareena Zerefos

Well, not quite a hot air-balloon but pretty nice invention anyway. Beautifully illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Berkert.

Original book cover from 'James and the Giant Peach' by Nancy Ekholm Berkert

Folky modern graphic two colour seperation print by Stuart Kolakovic, see more here

Two colour screen-print by Stuart Kolakovic

Weight-less Nelly-phants by Terry Fan, see more here

'Flight of the Elephants' by Terry Fan


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