The Crafty Prawn

Introducing…The Crafty Prawn (fan-fair please?)

So the time has finally come to try and make some money from all the lovely things I keep making. Two quilts, numerous cushion-y business, enough hand embroidery to make your eyes water, and some bunting later; I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a little Etsy shop open to try and turn all this creativity into cash…well, you never know eh…?

As those who know me well will know, I am often known as Prawn to my family – some wierd mutation of Siobhan…Vorn…Vornie….Prawnie. Anyway, I am the original Crafty Prawn.

The Crafty Prawn is just polishing it’s whiskers and will be opening very soon… NOW OPEN!!! Just click HERE to be taken to a world of hand-crafted lovely-ness!

Up up and away…

Top Five Fabulous Hot Air-Ballooning Illustrations, Drawings and Ponderings

Mostly multi-coloured, weight-less, noise-less (well, compared with a plane) floaty bubbles attached to a wicker basket…what’s not to like. One day I shall take a ride in one, but in the mean time, here is my top five fabulous hot air-ballooning illustrations…

Lovely hand-drawn pencil city scape by David Fleck, see more here

'Voyages Over Edinburgh' by David Fleck

Circus elephant being rescued in a most delicate fashion by Kareena Zerefos, see more here

'Elephant' by Kareena Zerefos

Well, not quite a hot air-balloon but pretty nice invention anyway. Beautifully illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Berkert.

Original book cover from 'James and the Giant Peach' by Nancy Ekholm Berkert

Folky modern graphic two colour seperation print by Stuart Kolakovic, see more here

Two colour screen-print by Stuart Kolakovic

Weight-less Nelly-phants by Terry Fan, see more here

'Flight of the Elephants' by Terry Fan


Old-New Things!

Not very seasonally appropriate but I’ve been doing a bit of re-working of some christmas motifs and designs for my portfolio…here are some of the results…

‘Winter Scene’ design, perfect for christmas greetings card, gift bags or gift tags…see more here

Winter Scene


‘Winter Owl’ with a snowflake background…see more here

Winter Owl


‘Patridge in a Pear Tree’ with some friends!…see more here

Patridge in a Pear Tree repeat


‘Snowflake Baubles’ repeat, ideal for christmas wrapping paper…see more here

Snowflake Baubles



A, B, C

Following yesterdays post, heres a preview of some drawings for my A, B, C illustrations…I’ll leave you to guess which are which! Finished pieces to follow soon.


angelfish's pondweed


budgie's flower


camel's desert buildings


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