Pretty Pastel Pennant Flags

012_edit_smlSo it turns out The Crafty Prawn can do pretty pastels too! Here is a little collection of pictures of a recent custom order for my special personalised name bunting – in pastel yellow, blue and white tones…
016_edit_smltomas-01Fabrics include…
…a sunflower yellow gingham
…some unique Japanese kawaii linen – can also be found here
…ditsy dotty cotton in baby blue and white

tomas2-01The Crafty Prawn custom-made name bunting can be personalised with any combination of colours, such as this pastel palette for baby Tomas in Australia.

What colours will you choose?
…Send me a message by clicking on ‘request custom order’ to start creating your bunting today…

Bold-Floral-Modern-Girly Name Bunting

Untitled-1So here is a little post about some special bunting for a little baby called Epma, or Erma, in Bulgaria. The Crafty Prawn’s first Cyrillic name bunting! A custom order from my architect friend to greet a friends new baby into the world! Given free reign to create a new colour and fabric combination – my first name bunting destined for a little girl – I went for a floral but bold and funky feel, which could also be perfectly good for a little boy – as long as you’re not prejudiced against flowers. I don’t really go in for the whole ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ thing – so boring – so this poppy, modern alternative may be just the thing your looking for!
fabric selection2These gorgeous, crisp and modern flowers on a bright red background was sourced from my local fabric shop and has the stamp ‘Darling’ on the selvedge…but I’ve never heard of this brand/manufacturer and it seems google’s never heard of it either, so if anyone knows anything about ‘Darling’ fabric, please let me know!

Anyway, back to the bunting…we’ve got mod-style flowers, yellow polka dots, blue little spots, vibrant red, sunshine yellow…what more could you want?bunting on brick (13)_edit_smlbunting on brick (11)_edit_smlillustrator template for etsy listingsbunting on brick (9)_edit_smlThis bunting has all the usual ‘Crafty Prawn’ high quality features such as double-sided reversible flags, a ‘Crafty Prawn’ fabric label’ and hand-cut applique letters with decorative running stitch detailing. But this bunting is extra special with two star flags on either end of the name section, this is a really nice added detail for shorter names – such as Epma!

And I hope you’re enjoying my new photographs – taken out and about in Rotterdam. I aim to do these kind of shots for every product I make, for the natural light, the nice textures you can find outside and being a bit of country bumpkin at heart, I grab any chance to get outside and mingle about with the leaves and flowers. Luckily I found some triangular brick paving, which gives a lovely contrast to the bright, bold triangles of the bunting!
Here are a few more shots of me and my bunting bumbling about in the flowers, didn’t quite make the cut for Etsy, but pretty all the same. Can you see me? I pretty much blend into the roses!
bunting in roses (10)_sml









bunting in roses (5)_editbunting in roses (6)_sml









This personalised name bunting is available to buy at The Crafty Prawn Etsy shop here, or get in touch with your own range of colours and we can create a custom-made selection just for you!

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Welsh themed name bunting..? Oh go on then!

for blog1-01So this is ‘Crafty Prawn’ name bunting personalised to the max! This Welsh themed name bunting should be safely with a little Welsh baby Steffan currently living in London – something to remind him of his roots! Complete with modern umbrella patterned fabric, which I thought was particularly appropriate for a Welsh theme…
022_edit_sml031_edit_sml017_edit_sml028_edit_smlWould you like your own personalised name bunting for a little munchkin you know? Take a look at my bunting section here for some examples of colour combinations and styles. Or get in touch to create your own one of a a kind colour combination to match your bubba’s nursery or bedroom colours! Great for parties, an original new baby present or a birthday gift for a toddler!

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Name Bunting for Baby Tobias…

I know, I’ve been a bit of a quiet blogger lately, but August was a bit of a busy one and I’ve been a busy prawn working on new products (none of which are actually finished yet…) and a few new orders! So here is a pretty post about my first official order for some custom Crafty Prawn Name BuntingIMG_1646_edit_sml**************************************************************
CUSTOM COLOURS & NAME… yes, you guessed it this particular bunting is for a baby Tobias, destined to decorate his cot in Australia. My lovely customer Lisa wanted the bunting to co-ordinate with Tobias’ blue, green and grey coloured nursery so I made a special fabric selection for her and after a few tweeks we got the perfect combination of colours and patterns.
illustrator template for etsy listings
ATTENTION TO DETAIL…so I know that to a lot of you, bunting basically looks like triangles on a string, and while yes that is essentially what it is – ‘Crafty Prawn’ name bunting is a bit more special than the average bunting! Each flag is double sided with a contrasting fabric, making the bunting totally reversible, so the bunting can be hung in the middle of a room for parties if desired. Each little pointy bunting finger has been popped out by my fair hands and ironed to a point. Each letter is hand cut and then stitched with a running topstitch in a thread colour that corresponds with the flag fabric.
illustrator template for etsy listingsIMG_1643_edit_smlIMG_1640_edit_smlIMG_1650_edit_sml
TAH-DAH…a perfect way to brighten up your bubba/toddlers room with something personal and special that can also be used to decorate┬átheir cot when they’re really little, or for dens and birthday parties when they’re a bit older!
PACKED UP & READY TO GO…each of my ‘Crafty Prawn’ orders get a special fabric label on the reverse; a little insert with all the important details of the item and how to care for it; and pretty packing as standard – perfect as a gift! This one is winging it’s way to Australia as we speak…
for blog_packing-01-01
SPECCY STUFF…Each flag is approximately 17.5cm wide. When ordering a length of Crafty Prawn name bunting you will receive 10 flags with your chosen name in the middle, with the finished bunting measuring approximately 2.3 meters long. (These specifications are for names with maximum 6 letters, for longer names there will be more flags…of course!)

WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR OWN…special name bunting made for a niece/nephew, new baby in the family, or a little one’s birthday present? You can find my bunting for sale here.
NOTE: More girly colours/gender specific styles also available, just ask!


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