I’m a freelance textile-designer, maker and illustrator with a distinctive and quirky hand-drawn and hand-made style available for commissions, collaborations or even just a chat!

Me making...

Me making…

I have a lot of different skills and passions, hence the jack-of-all-trades list of specialisms! My work falls into the three main groups of…
hand-crafted products (The Crafty Prawn)
print/pattern design (The Patterned Prawn)
art/illustration (The Hand-Drawn Prawn).
Take a look at my portfolio to see examples of my work, visit my blog to see what I’m working on at the moment and other interesting bits and bobs; or have a browse in my shop!

A bit about Me:
I grew up in the depths of the wild, rugged hills of Mid-Wales – the littlest of a big family – on a small farm with my dad’s illustration studio and carving workshop just across the yard a constant source of creativity. I now find myself back west (well near enough) in Bristol after some years of travelin’ about a bit. I completed a textile design degree in 2010, which introduced me to the vast world of textile designing, making and creating. While equipping me with a range of techniques such as screen-printing, stitch, hand embroidery and paper cutting; it also gave me a taste for the life of a maker and lover of craft in general. I’m now certain that the creative life is the life for me, and spend my time trying to forge a way in this very competitive but inspiring world!
I’ve worked in some really interesting and inspiring places, and while not always in purely creative roles, I’ve gained a lot of experience and insight into the design industry along with a big dollop of the reality of full time work. Jobs vary from Communications Assistant at Heatherwick Studio – the award winning Olympic-cauldron-designing architecture studio; to Jewellery Technician at Exoal – a Dutch jewellery company.
These days, I’m loving living in Bristol, UK with my architect fella and Albert the cat.

The Crafty Prawn

products images Etsy-01-01-01The Crafty Prawn Etsy shop is currently where I sell my wares. I create… modern vibrant monogrammed HANKIES + POCKET SQUARES ~ Bespoke patchwork baby QUILTS + BLANKETS ~ Funky kids NAME BUNTING + NURSERY DECOR ~ Original hand-drawn children’s ART PRINTS. All handmade in the UK. Think contemporary and modern products made with old-school care and precision. All products are made using a combination of vintage florals, modern graphics and classic textures, with a touch of Crafty Prawn detailing and hand embroidery. All items can be custom made or personalised, just contact me!

Read a bit more about ‘The Crafty Prawn’on my Shop ‘About’ page here. And why not follow me on facebook or instagram to see up to date pictures and posts about the making of Crafty Prawn products.

The Patterned Prawn

textile design images-01

I have a distinctive but versatile hand drawn style and developed a strong design process where each design originates with a hand-drawn motif, which I then colour and form into a repeat digitally. This process ensures the hand-drawn quality is still apparent in the final designs, while also producing a professional finish. I love Swedish and Russian folk art, with their rich textures and styles and can’t help but make my designs intricate and full of detail. My latest collection of textile designs,‘Fruity, Folky & Botanicals’, is a range of original and commercial designs in full repeat. I’m available for freelance textile and pattern design and will soon be developing a range of ‘The Patterned Prawn’ products…watch this space!

The Hand-Drawn Prawn

illustrations images-01

My illustration style is intricate but fun, with lots of fine lines, stylised detailing and a strong story telling element. My love of the wild, nature and animals is a strong influence on my creative style, with my illustrations often taking inspiration from the world of animals and natural elements to create a story with a quirky twist. I am also very influenced by my experience in textiles and fabrics and like to draw on a large bank of textile patterns and motifs that live in my head, as well as layering these patterns into my finished illustrations giving my images a richly textured effect. I am available for a wide range of illustration commissions such as greetings cards, logo design and editorial. Or, if you just have a special animal in your life and would like a original patterned illustration of them, I may be able to help! Shop ‘The Hand-Drawn Prawn’ products in my shop here.

***Special thank-you to Kindlemix Communications who helped me create this website!***

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