A Punch of Pastel Power

So, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of pastel colours, I’m more of a brights and vivids sort of girl. BUT pastels are everywhere I look at the moment. It’s safe to say…wait for it, I’m going to come out with some sales speak…they are ‘so on-trend right now, baby!
I figure pastels don’t have to be insipid, so here’s my Punch-of-Pastel-Power! YEAH!
pastel power-01pictures from top…‘pretty pastels’ photo by me // ‘diaphanous 2014 colour trend’ from fashiontrendsetter.com //painting in pastel’ from ohmylittedears.com blog // ‘spring/summer 2014 colour trend’ from fashionising.com //bunting points’ from The Crafty Prawn // ‘setting hues’ from designseeds.com

This is the first (and probably only time) that I’ve found a silver lining to the fact that our scruffy old Rotterdam apartment has an avidly painted salmon-y pink living room. We’re talking the walls, the wooden window frames, the doors, part of the ceiling, the pipes…whoever did it really loved that pink. I, on the other hand, do not. But after disposing of the lurid Kermit green in the bedroom and dark aubergine purple in my small studio space, I just didn’t have the courage to attack the salmon pink. So anyway, here it provides a nice little backdrop for some of my pastel-power inspired photos…
blog1-01…and finally, on that note, here’s a sneaky peak of a selection of fabrics destined for a new Crafty Prawn mini-quilt called ‘Abstract Gems’. Pulled ‘straight from my stash’ – as people in the quilting world love to say – that pretty in-your-face fabric you see is actually a very lovely printed linen I acquired from the kind-lady-who-gave-me-tonnes-of-fabric. We’re going to call it ‘vintage’ as I’m pretty sure it’s straight from the 90’s as it reminds me of Will Smith’s hair in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and a little bit of some lurid shellsuits my older sisters used to have (do you know what I mean?!) BUT once I’ve finished with it, it’s going to be mega cool honest. Imagine it in a stripped back, hipster East-London warehouse apartment and you’ll understand my vision! :)
blog2-01AND, notice those perfectly pastel tones? Intended to be a double-sided mini quilt a bit like this ‘Summer in a Square’ baby blanket, the plain fabrics of Dusky-Pink, Sand, Mint, Teal and Aubergine-Purple will make a funky patchwork for one side to compliment those Abstract Gems on the other. Watch this space…

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